Redneck Scent Shots
"Scenting Yer Neck of the Woods!"
Redneck Tree House

Shots are great alone or combine different scents to create your own favorite aroma!
Stores in the plastic shot container.
Perfect for gift giving and for treating yourself! Get several!
These shots are in 2 oz. cups and are 1.5 oz volume. Nice full cups!!

1.5 oz. Wax in 2 oz. Cups

1 Shot ~ $1.85

3 Shots ~ $5.50 (all same scent)

~~Use the drop down menu to choose multi packs!~~

Special Blends!

These are our In House Blends! They're super strong and oh so good!!

1 Shot ~ $1.85 Singles

3 Shots ~ $5.50 (same scent)

~~Use the drop down menu!~~

Sampler Packs!

Want a great deal to give all scent catagories a try?

With our Sampler Pack, you receive 2 scents in each catagory of Fruit, Floral,
Food, Fresh n' Clean & In House Blends!

Or choose the Scent Catagory you love best!
#1 Food Types
#2 Floral Types
#3 Fruit Types
#4 Fresh n' Clean (5 each) & In-House Blends (5 each)

#5 Best Sellers Sampler Pack = This changes weekly!

Great way to try us out so you can see just how great our Shots are!

Super priced at 10 Shots for $17.00

Redneck Shot Blenz!

Shot Blenz are 2 oz. shot cups filled with 1.5 oz. of your very own creations!
Choose your super scented crumbles, then choose your
scented drizzle to create your own unique blenz!

Shot Blenz ~ 3/$5.50 OR 6/$10.00!

Redneck Rubble!

Scented pieces of "Rubble" are super strong and allow you to use and mix as much as you want!

$9.00 "8 oz." Clear Cello Bag
$17.00 "16 oz." White Bag w/Window


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