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**Marked scents are an In-House Blend.

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In House Blends
**Caramel Apple-Fresh crispy apple dipped in smooth creamy caramel!
**Cinnamon Candy Apple-Market fresh apple dipped in red candy coating!
**Cinnamon Caramel Coffee-Warm brown cinnamon with a creamy touch of caramel drizzled in your coffee.
**Cinnamon Zucchini Bread-Fresh baked zucchini bread with just the right amount of warm cinnamon...yum!
**Eucalyptus & Peppermint- **Marshmallow Coffee-Fresh brewed coffee with a spoonful of melted fluff on top!
**Marshmallow Cookies-Warm Sugar Cookies with marshmallow swirled throughout!
**Orange Marshmallow Cupcake-A hint of orange and gooey marshmallow baked inside our best cupcake batter!
**Peppermint Cupcakes-Sweet peppermint blended with birthday cake and buttercream...melts in your mouth!
**Pineapple Iced Cookies-Fresh pineapple mixed in with smooth icing and warm cookies!
**Pink Peppermint Marshmallow-Pink Sugar, Peppermint Pow! and Marsh Meller! Sugary Sweet!
**Pink Powder Puff-Pink Sugar mixed with our baby soft powder. This is heavenly!
**Pink Sugar Cookies-Pink Sugar blended with our best seller Sugar Cookies.
**Spiced Gingerbread Coffee-Warm coffee swirled with spicy Gingerbread flavor! So good!
**Strawberry Iced Cookies-Home made cookies with fresh strawberries baked in sugar cookies!
**Strawberry Zucchini Bread-Fresh Strawberry Jam baked into the best Zucchini Bread is mouth watering good!
**Vanilla Hazelnut-A best seller! Vanilla and nutty. Strong, smooth and yummy!
**Warm Vanilla Sugar-Our special blend of velvetty vanilla and brown sugar make this super popular soothing blend!
**Zuchinni Apple Pie-Your favorite zucchini bread scent whipped up with some hot apple pie!

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