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Angel Wings-Light as a cloud, this celestial bouquet features green and fruity notes straight from the Garden of Eden.
Bouquet-This is not your usual floral. Even the non-floral lovers will like this one. A blend of wild flowers along a country road. A must try!
Dream Catcher-An incredible floral blend with a touch of powder.
Eucalyptus-Clear your sinuses with this wonderful Eucalyptus blend.
Gardenia-Beautiful and strong! Best gardenia we have found!
Heavenly-A beautiful blend of white peonies and musk! Grab your wings. This fragrance is Heavenly!
Honeysuckle-Flowers in the field and what you remember at Grandma's House! True and strong.
Lavender Mist-This unique lavender has a touch of apple and oak to make this a must have scent. For those who normally don't care for straight lavender, this is one for you!
Lilac-Just like a lilac bush, excellent scent. Very strong!
Moonlight Path-A fragrance that will linger in your mind, body and soul. A heady floral with notes of Asian jasmine, rose, and sweet musk. With a back note of woodsy tones. A Bath and Body Works dupe.
Peony-Smells like true peonies in full bloom! A big favorite.
Plumeria-Floral, Bath and Body Works Dupe. Popular with those familiar with the Hawiian favorite flower. Beautiful scent!
Rose Bushes-Country roads covered in roses planted long ago! The best rose scent around!
Southern Jasmine-The wonderful fragrance of jasmine blossoms on a warm summer night. Very pretty and intense.
Sunflowers-Inspired by Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers, this scent is the closest you'll get without purchasing the real thing! This sunny blend of floral and fruit tones also carries the strong notes of fresh roasted sunflowers.
-This scent is spot on just like the Bath & Body works Sweet Pea scent. Smooth, floral and makes you smile!
Water Blossom Ivy-Dip your hands in the pond and bring a blooming white blossom to your nose, breathe in it's sweet fragrance kissed by dew! This scent is fast becoming a best seller!
Whisper-A duplicate scent of the pink herbal essence type shampoo. Fresh and floral! Strong and pleasing!

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