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Redneck Twin Tots Votive Candles!

Two twin votive candles made with chunks and overpour to create a great scent combo!
Stores in the plastic container.

Offered in these cool combos! Try them all!
*Beach VaCay! - Mango Papaya poured over Bahama Coconut chunks takes you straight to the beach!
*Black Cherry Cheesecake - Creamy cheesecake topped with Tart Black Cherries
*Blueberry Crunch - Smooth blueberries mixed with Brown Sugar Crunch!
*Caramel Cake - The BEST caramel mixed with white cake is melt in your mouth good!
*Cinnamon Candy Apple - Scrumptous red candy apple on a stick is the favorite blend! So good!
*Gingerbread Coffee - This favorite cookie is dipped in coffee for this yummy combo!
*Honeysuckle Rose - A best seller mixes these two favortie flowers...a must have!
*Lavender Mint - Lavender with a touch of apple and smooth peppermint is a winner!
*Peaches n' Cream - Just what is says! A bowl full of peaches drizzled with fresh good!
*Peppermint Orange - A fresh orange blended scent like a sweet candy.
*Pink Sugar Cookies - Our wonderful Pink Sugar scent blended with Sugar Cookies is a best seller!
*Strawberry French Toast - This is the best french toast with cinnamon, topped with fresh strawberries!
*Sweet Dreams - Night time is this scent! Lavender, floral powder and calm is this Sweet Dreams scent!

Approx 1.8 oz. Wax Each Votive

$3.75 Each Votive Candle Twin Pack!
For every four packs of Twin Tots you purchase, get One FREE! Your choice of scent. No Limits!
1 Free Tot pack with every four you buy!

Please list your FREE scent choices in the "Comments" section of the Shopping Cart.

The more you buy, the more free Tots you get!

~~PLEASE NOTE~~These Tots come in their own unique scents combos and can be different than the scents available for Shots.

Use the Drop Down list to choose your scent choices for TOTS! Thank you!

1 Twin Tot Pack/$3.75 each


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